Vault was deleted, upon syncing again, a file was missing

I’m using Obsidian with Sync and no 3rd party plugins.

At some point while editing a note, I received an error message about the current file, suggesting I back it up. I was not able to take note of the exact error message.

After this, I tried opening other notes, and the same thing happened with them.

After restarting Obsidian, my vault was gone and I had to re-add it to my local machine.

Once the sync was complete, the note I was working on had been deleted. I managed to restore it from the Deleted Files view, where it said the file was deleted on the computer I was currently using, but I deleted no files.

Edit: After looking again, my whole vault directory is in the system trash – including the missing file. I am 100% sure I did not manually delete it. I also did not get the popup confirming deletion.

Steps to reproduce

I am not able to reproduce this.

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Expected result

Actual result


Obsidian version: v1.5.12
Installer version: v1.5.12
Operating system: Darwin Kernel Version 23.5.0: Wed May 1 20:13:18 PDT 2024; root:xnu-10063.121.3~5/RELEASE_ARM64_T6030 23.5.0
Login status: logged in
Catalyst license: none
Insider build toggle: off
Vault ID: ca8d077db256f7847a842b516f237573
Host server: wss://
Device name:
Allowed file types: image
Allowed special types:
Ignored directories:
Vault path: /Users/joapas1/Documents/Notes
Sync logs:
1716842106163 Info Downloading complete - Open
1716842106163 Info Accepted - Open
1716842106164 Info Downloading file - Pagination
1716842106245 Info Downloading complete - Pagination
1716842106245 Info Accepted - Pagination
1716842106245 Info Downloading file - Routes Call
1716842106347 Info Downloading complete - Routes Call
1716842106347 Info Accepted - Routes Call
1716842106348 Info Downloading file - NS-6837 Align Pagination
1716842106669 Info Downloading complete - NS-6837 Align Pagination
1716842106669 Info Accepted - NS-6837 Align Pagination
1716842106671 Info Fully synced
1716842207053 Info Server pushed [FIVE9-LTFWXJN390] - NS-6611 Spike - Routes Call
1716842207106 Info Downloading file - NS-6611 Spike - Routes Call
1716842207185 Info Downloading complete - NS-6611 Spike - Routes Call
1716842207185 Info Accepted - NS-6611 Spike - Routes Call
1716842207186 Info Fully synced
1716842219229 Info Uploading file - NS-6611 Spike - Routes Call
1716842219426 Info Upload complete - NS-6611 Spike - Routes Call
1716842219428 Info Fully synced

Additional information

A screenshot of the file history: