Vault takes almost a minute to load

Hi Obsidian community,

I test Obsidian since a couple of days and am super excited of having found that app. I already exported my Ever-notes to *.md files.

Here is my question: I am testing “The One Big Vault” versus multiple vaults. So I created a vault in my Documents folder (where almost all of my docs live, except pictures music files, etc).

When I open this vault, it takes almost a minute to load.

(On an MBP 2018.) All my smaller vaults load in an instant.

The number of Markdown files is only 3517. However, the total of all files is above 300,000, with a folder depth of 23.

Do all those non-Markdown files slow down loading the vault? (Note, I have the option “Detect all file extensions” set to OFF.)

How can I speed up vault loading?


I have the same issue on my 2 windows laptops (quite good devices) sharing the same vault, synced via GitHub before opening Obsidian (not using .gitignore)

Currently I have 3555 files in my vault, mostly .md files, Obsidian 0.11.5, 16 plugins enabled.

Upon opening it takes more than 3m to have obsidian responding. The initial loading ‘splash screen’ shows briefly and then the main view opens with a note opened, but not showing content. The backlink view shows a short of progress indicator ‘shimmer’.

From this point it takes multiple minutes to be able to use Obsidian…
Is this normal?

Edit: Just updated to 0.11.9 which seem to respond quicker, but still takes ~1m to respond