Vault on USB stick always prompts for safe mode

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Hi. I have a vault that I regularly sync via GitHub between Mac, iPhone and iPad. However, I don’t have GitHub access from work, so I also have a repository on a USB stick (we don’t restrict USB sticks at work). However, every time I open the vault on my USB stick (whether on my personal Mac or my work Windows machine), it prompts me about trusting the community plugins. I have pretty much the same set of plugins installed on the USB stick as on my Mac, and once I tell Obsidian it’s ok to trust the community plugins, they all work as expected.

Any ideas?


Are you still having this issue?
At a guess you might be copying over the hidden .obsidian folder and that there’s a security feature that detects a change with Community plugins in that folder and flags it. Not 100% on that though!

The issue seems to have resolved itself, which means of course I did something, I’m just not sure what. I always open the flash drive copy of my vault on my work machine and I haven’t seen the warning in for a week or more now. I’ll look at the status of the .obsidian folder, though, to see if that’s the solution.

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