Vault name should always be visible

Use case or problem

Sometimes I can’t see the name of the vault I am using (I use multiple different vaults), and I have to click the Home button to see the vault name.

Proposed solution

Have name of vault always visible (you shouldn’t have to press the “Home” File explorer button to see the name of the vault)

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

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What’s an archive? You mean “vault”?

Yes sorry, I meant vault.

By “home” button, do you mean the “Files” button?

If you click on “Search”, or “Tags”, or “Starred”, or other panes, you no longer see your File Explorer Pane. And so you don’t see your Vault name anywhere. Because the Vault name is only displayed in the File Explorer pane.

You’d like to see the Vault name always displayed somewhere, no matter what pane you are in.

Is that what you mean? Is that accurate?

(I’ll rename your topic to say “Vault”)

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Yes, when I hover over the “Home” button, the popup text says “File explorer”. Yes you understand me perfectly. That is exactly what I mean.