Vault name font in Blue Topaz theme

What I’m trying to do

Change the font used to display the vault name in the Blue Topaz theme.

Things I have tried

I looked through the documentation for the theme, and checked all of the items in the Style Settings plugin, but couldn’t find any reference to this font.

If you search their Style Settings for “Vault Name”, it’s in there as ‘Lucida Handwriting’ and can be changed.

You could also override it with a snippet

body {
    --font-family-vault: 'Comic Sans MS';
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This was the simplest way to do it, rather than mess with the theme CSS file. I used this:

body {
–font-family-vault: ‘Gill Sans’;
–font-size-vault-name: 1.2em

Yeah, you never want to change the theme.css file, it will get overwritten whenever the theme updates.

That “Vault Name” setting is in Blue Topaz’s Style Settings, so you don’t need a snippet, but there are so many settings in there. It’s easy to get lost . Ha.

Sometimes your own snippet is easier even if you can change it in Style Settings. :tangerine:

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It’s a little worse than that. The entire top half of the file is commented out and the real CSS starts after that. Unwary people without syntax highlighting editors could get very confused.

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