Vault gets stuck: Not editable Vault, or notes when writing "--- ---" on the first line

I don’t know if it has happened already to someone but I’m in Obsidian 0.74, Windows 10, with Chrome, and Endnote 9X.

If you start your note by

 # and complete the segment with 


the note blocks, disappear on edit mode and becomes inaccessible

Something as simple as this blocked my note and all its content from being visible and editable in edit mode.

Before the ---

After completing the note as

--- # first line



This is easily fixable by finding the .md on your local folder and modifying the


by putting something before or eliminating it.

Hope this report helps to solve the bug or it or helps anyone with the same problem to use the work around and keep on working.

I saw a similar issue and was fixed. Let me know if you have this problem with 0.7.6.