Vault file zeroed after MacOS reboot

Im using Obsidian 1.6.2
My MacOS run out of disk space. , a long note I was working on was open.
I deleted some files totally unrelated with Obsidian folder, to make space and reboot the computer to find that the file that was open it was in its vault but with 0 bytes!
The plugin File recovery shows no screenshot at all, and I didn’t have the plugin Sync either.
Is there a way to recover the content of this file?

If you’re on Mac, you might want to try to open the concerned file with TextEdit :blush: :
In the File menu of TextEdit there should an option/submenu titled Reverted to under which you should find the option Browse All Versions....
Maybe you’ll be able to find a previous version of your note there :blush:

I can’t guarantee the result :no_mouth: :crossed_fingers: , but this is a feature of TextEdit I’ve found helpful once in a while :blush:.

Just checking, do you know you have to search the file’s name in File Recovery? The window will be blank before you search.

Thanks a lot for this. I think TextEdit feature is related to Time Machine, it goes to the backups you did before, I could get the file from last month…but I have lost the entire last month of work, because Obsidian or MacOS decided to zero in the file that was opened when the disk had no more space :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Yes, I did, but there is nothing there, just an empty file, and no version notes at all.

I thought File Recovery was a plugin installed and running by default, but it is not.

I see plenty of log files in obsidian folder, how is it possible that I cant recover my file ?

I don’t use Time Machine (never looked to configure it) :blush: … and I can revert to previous versions of notes just fine, as long as the file is saved in a way or another, which Obsidian does every few seconds or so… At least, that’s my experience with TextEdit :blush: .

Thats interesting, I get something different then.
When I select the file in TextEdit and then Revert To - Browse All Versions, on the left I have the empty file, and on the right it it says Error retrieving previous time machine versions.

That is indeed interesting :thinking: … I really don’t create back-ups of my Mac through Time Machine though (and from what I’ve seen, the previous versions I can browse from notes in my vaults, through TextEdit are generally the ones Obsidian auto-saves) :no_mouth:

I sadly have no other idea on how you could retrieve the content of the note :pensive:
If you couldn’t find any snapshots in the File recovery core plugin and the TextEdit “trick” doesn’t work :pensive: … This is all I can think of :no_mouth: