Vault creation Browse dialog is missing "Create Directory" button

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open another vault button
  2. Create new vault
  3. Navigate to a location and create directory for vault to reside in

Expected result

There should be a “create directory” button in the file dialog.
Otherwise I have to open Finder and make one, and it’s painful.

Actual result

No button and the message is not clear (to me) whether Obsidian will create a vault directory for me. It’s just a flag where the dialog is created.
(Your vault will be /some/path/my-vault-name) would be a clearer message than (Your vault will be created in /some/path)


  • Operating system: OSX 11.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.5

Additional information

This is what I see. What am I missing?

When you click on Browse, the dialog does not offer a “Create Directory” button.
That’s usually helpful in new dialogs.

Can you post a screenshot of that? Is this mac limitation?

Obsidian browse dialog:

OmniGraffle Save As dialog (see “New Folder” button at the bottom, center.