Vault can't open when Obsidian opened

Things I have tried

  • I’m JUST try to run Obsidian when I open my laptop to start my work at beginning of the day, but Obsidian doesn’t open.

  • When I click the icon of Obsidian again it opened and want me to select the vault I want to open or create a new vault which same as the first time I start using Obsidian. → I click my only vault(at D:(my vault name), the window closed and nothing more happened.

  • I moved mu vault to E:\ and reopened Obisidan, reselect my new vault location: E:\ (my vault name) and it opened normaly.

  • I tried to move my vault back to D:\ but error occured:
    [Can’t move vault: Error: EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted, rename ‘E:(my vault name)’ → ‘D:(my vault name)’]

What I’m trying to do

Trying to let Obsidian open my vault at original location (D:\ (my fault name)).

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