[v0.10.8] PDF Core Update & PDF Plugins Compatibility Issues

Hi there!

This is for those who have the PDF Plugins (“PDF to Markdown” & “PDF Highlights”) installed:

Update Wednesday 1pm CET

  • :white_check_mark:"PDF to Markdown" is now fixed with release 0.0.6. Please update this plugin.
  • :red_circle:"PDF Highlights" does not yet work. Please keep disabled.

Update Wednesday 11am CET

With Obsidian’s update to 0.10.8 the two plugins are currently not working due to version incompatibility issues of the library pdf.js.

This happens and we’ll be working on getting things back to normal.

To make sure you can still work with PDFs:

  1. Please disable the two plugins for now
  2. Use Zotero + Zotfile to extract your highlights

Thank you and with best wishes,



Thanks, bug why posting this here?

Hi @WhiteNoise, great question. I figured this would be where people would first look to post a bug report. So posting it here would increase the probability they see it (instead of under /plugins for example)

What do you think makes most sense?

I think it’s better to add it to your plugin manifest. Here, I don’t take any plugin related bug reports.

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