V. v1.0.3. - lost ability to iterate through files in sidebar (and see them!) with keyboard

Things I have tried

I updated to v. 1.0.3 this week after using a version that was more than a year old, and now I can no longer iterate through the sidebar with my up and down arrows! If I double click, I can get the cursor to move down the list, but it doesn’t show me the different files in the main pane as I scroll. This is a huge loss as that was the feature I liked most about Obsidian.

Is there a setting I need to change on the new version to get this ability back? If not, what is the most recent version that still had this feature and where can I download it? I tried uninstalling the new version, but it apparently overwrote the old one that I had. Thank you!

P.S. I searched the forums but found only an old posting in which many people asked for this ability. The final message says this ability will be enabled with v. 0.15.0 (posted by White Noise).

What I’m trying to do

There is an issue when the installer is old, which it most likely is in your case. So try downloading Obsidian a new, and reinstall it, and see if that doesn’t fix your issue.

Thanks Holroy. I just deleted the previous version and downloaded the new again, but unfortunately, that didn’t fix it. I’m now using version 1.1.8. (Installer 1.1.8). Mac Catalina, if that matters. Any other ideas?

I just checked my vault. I can go up and down with my arrow keys. I would suggest you check your plugs ins and themes for updates. If updates don’t help, try the default theme with all community plug ins disabled (restricted mode on).
or try the sandbox vault.


Are you sure it used to behave this way? I am 98% pretty sure the Files pane never worked that way. Maybe you had a plugin that enabled this.

Personally, I use the “Quick Explorer” plugin and map “Go to next file in folder” and “Go to previous file in folder” to hotkeys.

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Just checking here. Are you talking about the same thing as eyes-man? Does it automatically load the file in the main editor pane? This isn’t just about selecting the notes in the Files pane. It’s about loading the notes in the editor while you move up and down in the Files pane. (Something I am sure Obsidian never did… at least without a plugin.)

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just checked, no it does not open folders or notes, but it does go up and down :):slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I don’t know if I had a plug in earlier that was erased with the new version as my initial install was over a year ago! But based on your suggestions, I’ve gone into Community plugins and installed Quick Explorer, which allows for mapping the up and down arrows to “go to next/previous in file folder.” This works okay - not quite as good as what I had before, but I can live with it. If anyone else has suggestions going forward, please let me know. Thanks again!

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