UX consolidation -- new panes

Status quo

1. Opening notes via quick switch and/or by link in existing note

Here, we can use the Ctrl/Cmd prefix to open the desired note in a new pane. This is great. Nothing needs to be done here.

2. Opening a note via sidebar shortcuts

There are a couple buttons here which also open a new pane of information. For me, it is “graph view” and “today’s note”. I assume this will be different for others as plugins are enabled / disabled.

The UX here is different in that the Ctrl/Cmd prefix does nothing. Clicking one of these buttons overrides the active tab.

In my opinion, this is highly annoying and the “new pane” prefix should work here.

My current workaround

  • Call “Split horizontally/vertically” in the command palette to create a throwaway pane
  • Activate the new throwaway pane
  • Click the Today’s Note or Graph View button
  • Enjoy not having an overridden pane

Yes, I could create a new note in a new pane, but the drawback here is I will add a new blank “Untitled x” note in my vault every time I do this.


Please add the Ctrl/Cmd prefix when clicking the sidebar shortcuts which open a note / view so they open in a new pane.