UTC Option for Zettlekasten IDs

Hi Obsidian Devs,

I would greatly appreciate having the option in the Zettlekasten plugin settings to generate new Zettlekasten IDs in UTC time instead of in my local time zone.

The moment.js API that you are already using for the Zettlekasten plugin has a utc() function that should make this trivially easy to implement.

Thanks for all of your hard work making Obsidian,


I would generalize this feature request to ask to specify running the entire Obsidian process in any particular timezone, not just UTC. This way all time-related plugins would also benefit.

Actually, instead of using the Zettelksten core plugin, I recommend you use Introduction - Templater and create a template that contains the following:

    const format = "YYYY-MM-DDTHHmmSSZZ";
    const creationDate = tp.file.creation_date(format);
    const id = new moment(creationDate, format).utc().format("YYYY-MM-DDTHHmmSS[Z]")
    await tp.file.rename(`${id} ${tp.file.title}`);