Using YAML FrontMatter as data

Hello friends,

I have frontmatter in a page, but I cannot figure out how to refer to the data in the frontmatter.

Has this been defined yet?

as an example my page header looks like this:

7tvalignment: Heroic



{{ page.7tvalignment }}

{{ 7tvalignment }}

but none of those formats shows the data from the frontmatter.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

Thank you.

you are not doing anything wrong. this is not supported by obsidian. Maybe there is plugin that does what you looking for.

@WhiteNoise thank you for taking the time to answer. That is a shame that it is not supported, it would have been a great solution, but I will find another way.

Perhaps the DataView plugin can help? Dataview plugin snippet showcase

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I use non supported fields in page frontmatter. It may not be recognized by Obsidian, but I can query against it. I use the queries in my Workbench page, to list Type/Status of various items. I may not be using it as intended, but it works for me; for now at least. I have found that fine tuning the data and how it’s cataloged is a never ending process; LOLOL.


I just took a look at that Dataview plugin. I will probably drop my approach and start using it. Like I said, a never ending process; LOLOL.


I am also quite new to Obsidian and have not yet completely understood the concept of “Yaml-Frontmatter”. E.g. it is not clear to me how I can retrieve information that I place in the frontmatter elsewhere.
Can you give me an example of your approach or tell me a good source where I can get more detailed information about the Frontmatter concept and its limitations and possibilities?


I added tags to the frontmatter, and use them to denote project details. I use Templater for templates, and it gives me the ability to dynamically populate the Path tag. I use Dataview to display the status of my projects on my Workbench. This may not be the intended purpose, but the ability to add tags to the frontmatter allows me to use it as I see fit.

Tags: Project
Path: <% tp.file.folder(true) %>
Status: _Open
Priority: 1

Table replace(Path, “Projects/”, “”) as Project, Status, Priority
From #Project
Where Status = “Open”
Sort Priority, Project


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Hi @Chuckle123,
Thanks for the insights into how you use frontmatter. So far I only use it for tags.