Using [[word]] that does not exist cannot be created

When I write and want to create a new document by opening [[word]] and the ‘word’ does not exist yet, it offers me the chance to create the document ‘word.’ But if I don’t do it at that moment, but just keep writing and I want to do it later, it does not work by clicking on [[word]]. I have to leave the editor and go into preview. That is cumbersome.

Somehow I think this is not right and it is a bug. It may even be best to create the document automatically if the [[word]] does not exist.

You don’t have to, while you’re in editor mode you can Ctrl+Click on the link to open it, or you can press Alt-Enter when your cursor is on the link to “Follow link under cursor” (hotkey that you can change in the settings).

That does not work for me in version 0.8! Neither right-click nor alt-enter

Oh weird, I don’t have acess to the insider’s build so I have no idea why that isn’t working.
As I haven’t heard anything about that not working I’m assuming it’s not a bug but rather something on your end. (could be wrong though)

If you’re on Obsidian’s Discord you might want to check the insiders channel, here on the forum perhaps ask in Help while stating that you’re in the insider’s version.

Sorry that I can’t help.

Thanks I did put this now on Discord. It may just be caused by an iteration of a build. So I think it will be corrected at some point.

Its ctrl-click or cmd-click on the link. Still working from me on 0.8

do we close this topic as it is not replied for a month?

the topic is in the bug graveyard. We are good.

Sorry. I saw the “graveyard” thing among the categories, and I thought whatever in this would not show in a search.
And I just checked if there is an option to search excluding “graveyard”. I didn’t find it.
Do I make a new-feature post?

a new feature post for what?

It’s okay if it appears in search, not a big deal. Sometimes poople find useful info in closed requests.

Search in the forum excluding “bug graveyard”
As I can see, we can only limit the search in one specific category, and if we want to search in the whole forum without seeing the resolved problems, it becomes a little bit hard.

I don’t think the software we use for the forum (discourse) supports this feature.