Using with onedrive

I´m trying to edit my files saved in onedrive on my android phone, but can´t find a markdown who syncs with onedrive. Is there a way to do this?


I too would appreciate something like this. Supposedly there are third-party apps for syncing like this, but they download everything from Onedrive into local storage.

You might try dropbox. It was the only on-line drive that worked for Scrivener when I first started.

I use iA Writer on Android and simply hooked it up to a Dropbox folder that’s placed into my OneDrive. Bit of a messy workaround but it does the trick. You could do the same with a Google Drive folder.

Alternatively, you could sync a Dropbox folder and a Onedrive folder using Microsoft Power Automate (previously Flow) or perhaps Zapier.