Using Version History: using iCloud and Obsidian Sync simultaneously?

I have my Obsidian Vault pointing to my iAwriter folder in iCloud. That way I can use iAwriter as my mobile editor for md files.

I want to keep Obsidian Sync active, so I can keep the version history feature, it has helped me undeleting things I deleted by mistake.

I have observed some weird things, I suppose iCloud and Sync conflict?

So, how can I configure Sync to maintain version history and not fight with iCloud?

Thanks for that. So then, sorry to be a bit thick here: there is no Version History feature possible at all if using iCloud (in my case because I want the vault to be the iAwriter folder).

If you use sync only for version history on one computer only and you have iclould to sync between your mobile and your computer, it should still work fine.

Side-note: obsidian mobile is currently tested by insiders will be released in the next weeks.

Thanks! That is good to know, as version history by itself is a big selling point for the paid version of Obsidian. (more than encryption in my case).

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