Using the same alias for two notes?

I assume that the same alias can’t be used automatically (i.e. via YAML/metadata) for two separate notes. But can the same alias be used for more than one note if it’s typed in manually?

Use case:

If I have a note called “Outer Space” and I have a note about “Space in Life” (with space being a concept like “margin” or “buffer”) I can link the word “space” back to both of these notes from various places, right? I just will have to manually type in the link with the pipe?

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I think you can use the same alias in metadata as long as the notes are in different folders — after all, you can have notes with the same name. It might work even if they’re in the same folder. I haven’t tried it either way, tho.

When you add text after a pipe it’s called “display text”, not an alias (I had to look it up recently as I was struggling to write about that and aliases at the same time). And yeah, you can use the same display text for any number of links. It’s local to the note and doesn’t affect anything else.


Although not specifically relevant to this use case, the following thread might be of general interest: Automatically insert aliases into frontmatter from newly created aliases (and yes, they mean newly created display text).

Good luck!


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