Using the "link to text" edge/chrome browser extension

What I’m trying to do

Using the Edge/Chrome extension “Link to Text Fragment” on a web page then right click to “copy link to selected text” and then paste the (enhanced) URL to a note so that clicking will take you direct to that highlighted text.

Things I have tried

I paste the link that the extension generates into an Obsidian note and format the link as required
[Focus on Expired Listings First](file:///C:/Users/grobe/Downloads/Singlefile/Cold%20Calling%20Tips%20&%20Scripts%20for%20Real%20Estate%20Agents%20(2023_07_05%2016_17_51).html#:~:text=focus%20on%20expired%20listings%20first)

This results in an error message:

Has anyone used this extension successfully, and how did they solve this error message?