Using spacebar on mobile causes cursor to jump back to title of note

I’m on insider mobile on iOS running 15.4.

Steps to reproduce

When typing a note and I hold the spacebar to move the cursor around, the cursor jumps to the title section of the note.

Expected result

By holding spacebar I should be able to move the cursor around within the note.

Actual result

Instead, the cursor jumps up to the note title/heading.


iOS 15.4 on iPhone. Using a 13 pro max.


Reproducible on iOS version 1.2.1 (52) and previous builds as far as I’m aware.

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The bug is present in the current release version (1.2.0) too.

It makes cursor placement much more challenging, which is especially bad when you’re under time pressure (I was bitten by this bug during a doctor’s appointment recently when I was trying to keep up taking notes).

why would you hold the space bar to move the cursor around?

It’s an iOS feature which means you can hold the spacebar to turn the keyboard into a “trackpad” and move cursor or select text. Here is the website showing how to use it: Type with the onscreen keyboard on iPhone - Apple Support

And here is a screen recording in most other Apps such as Apple Notes, you can see the page scrolling up and down when moving the cursor:

However, in Obsidian, the page doesn’t move up. Instead, the cursor jumped to Title:

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thanks I got it!

Unfortunately, the bug is still present in v1.2.2, which was released today.

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iOS 15.5
Obsidian 1.2.2
can’t repro; does it do the same in safe mode?

On larger documents, was able to repro when using the space to not just move the cursor but scroll.
But rather than just scroll, it starts selecting.
And on scroll up, does jump to the title area.


@pmbauer, try moving the cursor horizontally instead of vertically: as soon as you move the cursor a bit further left than the beginning of a line, it gets stuck in the title field of the note.

This is how I regularly trigger the bug (e.g., by trying to place the cursor at the beginning of a line to prepend something to that line), especially when I’m in a hurry and don’t move the cursor very slowly and with surgical precision to prevent overshooting.

EDIT: The bug is also present in the just released version v1.2.3.

Yes, see the screen recording I posted. :slight_smile:

Since I encounter this bug so frequently, I had assumed it was universal, but @pmbauer’s observation, that note length might to be a relevant factor, is definitely an important one.

It does not seem to be note length itself, though, but scroll position and document complexity that appear to be the prerequisites for triggering the bug. More specifically:

To trigger the bug by moving the cursor vertically:

  • You only need a very simple note (i.e., with zero markdown formatting) that is slightly longer than the screen and you only need to scroll down minimally.
  • When you then move the cursor to the top, the cursor gets stuck in the title field.

For triggering the bug by moving the cursor horizontally:

  • If you have a very simple note with zero markdown formatting (i.e., no headings, lists, etc.), the note can be very long (e.g., 4000 words) and you can scroll down as much as you want, the bug still won’t trigger by moving the cursor horizontally to the beginning of the line.
  • If you have a “normal” note, with a bunch of markdown formatting, you may have to scroll down a bit inside the note, before the bug can be triggered.
  • My impression is, having (unnumbered) lists early in the note is particularly conducive for triggering the bug.

How about plugins,if common writing methods fail?

It’s nice that you are trying to help, @Jopp, but I don’t think using an external keyboard with your iPhone is a feasible workaround for this bug. :wink:

I didn’t mention an external keyboard. Also android keyboards offer similar keyboard features, but a plugin isn’t bad either
Did you check out my link in first place ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @BeR

@Jopp, everyone in this thread is on iOS. The plugin you linked to is for adding keyboard shortcuts to Obsidian. The only way to invoke keyboard shortcuts on an iOS device is by using an external keyboard. Hence my jokingly pointing out that suggesting to carry around an external keyboard to use with our iPhones is not a particularly feasible workaround.

I was just thinking how to be helpful.
If “holding the space bar to place the cursor” doesn’t help, then you’ll need other methods.

Plugins are system agnostic so it doesn’t matter if Apple or not Apple - I never heard that plugins work just for one OS. I use the suggested plugin myself.
It helps placing your cursor and much more. If you’re comfortable with it or not is up to you, the plugin is free to use.

Unfortunately, this regression is still present in yesterday’s v1.3.0 release. :slightly_frowning_face:

This bug it a big deal for me too. I use the spacebar-hold for insertion constantly. Aside from the title issue, It seems that the repeat value needs to be turned down as well (like when you hold down a key on a keyboard, there’s a speed that it repeats, the cursor’s repeat moves way too fast. It’s like skating into a brick wall at 60mph.)

This bug is bugging me too. Trying to edit and refactor some large notes and it’s time consuming to find place in file again.