Using questions as a way to naturally grow you PKM

Has anyone tried to come at building a PKM from a perspective of asking questions? So instead of having notes around ideas, you ask yourself questions and attempt to answer them in the note, drawing from multiple sources and asking further questions, naturally creating a network effect while learning.

So while reading or transferring your highlights from a book, you write down questions that come up, tag them and come back to them later with attempts to answer them.

Another route could be, when attempting to learn a subject, attempt to write down everything you know then start to ask questions to dig into it.

e.g. a MOC

# Team Organisation MOC
- [[What is the right size for a Software Engineering team]]
- [[How does cognitive load effect team size]]

# What is the right size for a Software Engineering team
status: #to-be-reviewed

Lorem ipsum.....

## Further Questions
Questions that are raised to explore the subject further
- [[Some other question]]

Just an idea I’m playing with as it feels a bit more natural to me, anyone else trying to do anything similar?


I somewhat do this, although asking simple questions to me doesn’t really seem worth writing down (no objection to people who do). I usually review the notes to see connections. However, these connections are often vague, or they feel somewhat like a reach.

So I write them down as hypotheses, and in fact #hypothesis tag is dedicated to them. Usually I’d read more or think more in order to find information that would lead to a reformulation of these hypotheses. In the context of product development, these hypotheses are objects of real-world experiments, which provide data from which they are also reformulated (or rejected).