Using properties as dataview source

one category of my notes should be “sources”.
Before Obsidian introduced properties, I tagged my source-notes with nested #source/…-tags (like #source/article or #source/film).

Now I want to switch to using properties instead of tags and I’m wondering what consequences this would have for dataview-queries.

I read in the dataview-doc (=> Sources) that either tags, folder, specific files or links can be used as sources, using the Data command “From”.

=> the consequence would be querying my source notes without the “From” Command, with only the “Where” command, like:

Where file.frontmatter.sourcetyp


Where file.frontmatter.sourcetyp = "book"

… which means, that all files in my vault are considered in the query, which could lead to performance issues.

Until now I didn`t experience any performance issues, but I thought I read somewhere, that this is not a good and performant way to source the notes and I want to be sure, that I can expect that good performance, when my vault further grows…

My questions to you:

  • Is my process of adding metadata to source-notes recommendable, or do you see better ways?
  • Should I use the “From” command? But how can I use this command with properties?

Thanks in advance,


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