Using Obsidian Sync service on android 13 with vault located inside an external storage (usb stick formatted to android folder hierarchy)


What I’m trying to do

I want to be worry-free of storage space on my Android Pixel phone when I use Obsidian as I love the app so much
I want to feel I can load up as many things i want to.

I rube-goldberg my way into getting a OTG adaptor that allows the add-on of a usb drive to it.
I have succeeded in creating and using a Obsidain vault on this connected external usb drive.
I can freely move files in and out of it.
When it comes to synching using other apps,
certain apps don’t want to play ball.

In the attempt to sync the obsidian vault, here are my results using:
-Syncthing: >> It failed as Syncthing (or Syncthing Fork) refuses to recognize the usb drive.
-Nextcloud:>> Ditto for nextcloud, won’t allow access either.

So if I purchase the Obsidian Sync service,
Will Obsidfian Sync allow access to my vault(s) on the added usb drive on my Android?
I’m using a degoogled Pixel with no sdcard slots, hence the usb thumb drive.

android sync external storage

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