Using Obsidian on two iPads

I’m a newbie, with a basic Obsidian setup on one iPad that I use with an external keyboard. I would like to set it up on another iPad that I carry with me. My original vault, “Zettelkasten,” shows up in ICloud, but nothing shows up on iCloud using the secondary iPad. There is an Obsidian folder with nothing in it that has “waiting…” beneath the folder icon, but no matter how long I wait nothing happens.

So I deleted the app and the folder with “waiting” from the 2nd iPad. I downloaded the app again to the 2nd iPad. Now what??

What I’m trying to do

In your other thread, you were talking about creating an Obsidian account. Are you using “Obsidian Sync”, or iCloud? Or both?

It’s probably a bad idea to use both. Two syncing solutions will race each other, and likely cause troubles.

If you’re just using iCloud, I’m not sure what’s going wrong. Hopefully someone else can answer. (I don’t use iCloud personally.)

Just iCloud. The Obs on the 2nd iPad wants me to create a vault. But the vault I want is the one in iCloud, but it’s not showing up from that iPad.

Possibly iCloud is just working very slowly. Do you have many notes in your vault? (I don’t use iCloud with Obsidian, but I use it for other things and have seen syncing choke up when given many new files.)

If you don’t have a backup of your vault, make one now in case deleting the empty folder deletes the full one when iCloud catches up.

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Thanks! I didn’ see this in time, so deleted the app and files on the 2nd iPad. The original (VERY small, since I’ve just started using Obsidian on the first iPad), is fine.

It turns out that my original vault is not on iCloud, which certainly explains why iPad 2 isn’t seeing it! I remember seeing that the location could not be changed, so I don’t know what happened or what to do now.

Would it work to make a copy of the vault files somewhere, then delete the originals, create a new vault from iPad 1–but in iCloud—and then move the saved files into it? Since I’ve just started using Obsidian, there are very few files at this time…

Yes, you can copy your notes and templates into a new vault.

I think you can copy most of the settings, too — altho maybe not from iPad to iPad since Files doesn’t let you see hidden files. If you can, I assume there’s at least one that specifies the location of the vault that you’d probably want to skip. I’m sure this has been covered elsewhere in the forum if you’re curious.

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