Using obsidian for writing fiction (ZK, IMF)

If I may, @nickmilo was kind enough to post my presentation from the LYT workshop on his YouTube channel. I go into great details about how I use Obsidian and linked notes for fiction writing. Hope it can be of interest to that thread.


I was struggling to find the best way to write fiction (or whatever article based on several separate storylines/list of references) and after have tried to make everything a note, or just some parts, link blocks etc… I couldn’t find a SIMPLE way to link the information of multiple sources into a manageable storyline…

…until today.

Here is my untested evergreen workflow (lol) :

  1. Use a note for each list of chronological events (storyline or story Arc whatever you call it)
  2. Make each item of the list a header
  3. Link to each header in your main storyline/article (headers keep the order you made them, allowing you to peek to any storyline you want in a blink, and choose the relevant item)
  4. wait for the header name auto-update feature to be implemented in the next version (this is not yet implemented so it is better to not change the headers)

Here is a short video overview : 【Overview】Simplest way to manage multiple storylines for storywriting in Obsidian - YouTube - YouTube
And here is a longer one (watch it at 4x speed because it is uselessly slow) : Simplest way to manage multiple storylines for storywriting in Obsidian - YouTube


“Startng new vaults!” made me laugh. I think that is how we all start! I am doing the same now.

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@Dantravels I am glad you appreciated it. It is scary that the post you are citing is me a year and a half ago laughing at myself for how often I would feel the need to start over. The scary part is that I am still rarely in what feels like my final vault. Currently, I have two active vaults. One is made up of all past vaults which still is mostly unusable because the pieces are not consistent and don’t work together. The other vault was started anew within the past month and is where I go to actually try to do things correctly. My plan is to, on the first day of Summer, bring the system that’s in place in the new vault back to the island of misfit toys and live happily ever after.

When a significant date appears to align with the beginning of a momentous step, it tends to feel like this time it’s going to work and I won’t lose momentum before integrating all the past pieces. But, I am still here picking up little tricks and insights. Honestly, I feel better off having continued to struggle so long. Never having felt like I was on solid ground for too long has let me get used to the regrouping and resetting process. But it sure is rough to be disconnected from the notes as you know they should be; and, instead you are with the notes as they are.

Anyways, good luck on your journey.