Using Obsidian at a research organisation

Hi guys, couldn’t find a Contact Us, so this seems like the second best place. Your EULA states “Non-profit organizations can use OBSIDIAN without commercial licenses”. I work at CERN, and although it isn’t a profit-making place, it is also NOT a Non-Profit in the strictest sense of the word.

Am I allowed to use it for my own work at CERN without needing to buy the annual license?

I would be happy to pay for it as well, but the commercial license costs are too much for me to bear unfortunately.

You should ask the IT department and your grant coordinator to buy the license for you using CERN’s funds.

I am sure CERN pays for the software that are used over there. So why not paying for obsidian as well?


@anon64712262, not sure what you’re using Obsidian for, but I would love to see a graph view of notes on different particles and their properties! :nerd_face:
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I agree with @WhiteNoise on the license. If you’re using it for work then a commercial license is appropriate. But it shouldn’t come out of the employee’s pocket. Just present your use-case and they should be able to charge it to your grant, or center funds.


Fair enough. I was hoping that there might have been a way for me to buy it outright for use without having to go through the hoops involved in getting IT involved. I will ask them whether they can procure it.

@GreenFlux unfortunately, I’m an engineer and not a physicist. Feynman’s diagrams are greek to me haha! But I’m paid by CERN, without any grants or external funds. So it’ll have to be my department that pays.

Plus 256 on that one too :wink:

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Hi lads, thanks for the help. I decided to just buy it myself.
50 dollars, over a ten year period, is only 500 dollars, which is peanuts compared to what the software gives me. Please treat this matter as resolved.