Using Obsidian as a tool for Organizing Email/Answer Templates

For a long while I have been searching for a proper tool for storing, organizing and visualizing customer support answer/email templates.
I have a lot of these answer templates, related to many different cases and Obsidian Graph View seems to be a good solution for a quick visual overview of topics, answers and quickly finding the appropriate customer support answer template

I am self employed and I need to spend a long time answering customers or social media questions, so the more I can streamline/simplify this the better.

The issue I am seeing is that Copy - pasting from obsidian directly to email does not work, it brings some formatting from obsidian (The font color and font background color) and images do not transfer, instead they show as “imagename.jpg” in the email.

Has anyone tried to do something similar or has some suggestions/feedback on how to achieve this properly?

Thank you very much in advance for the attention and advice!


To remove the formatting, Ctrl+Shift+V is your best friend. For the images, I wouldn’t know. I used PhraseExpress, a text expander, when I worked in customer service - but that would have nothing to do with Obsidian.


I have found Obsidian helpful for drafting emails so I can relate to this request. On the formatting, it’s going to depend on your email client, but if you copy/paste from preview mode, most email clients should recognize basic formatting.

Images are going to be more difficult. The only way I think this would work is if the image is publicly hosted via url. If the image is on your local computer, it will not copy over.


Thank you very much, I actually was not aware of the “Text Expander” concept!
I searched for a couple of possibilities however it seems they are more focused precisely on expanding shortcuts/snippets of text into large templates.
The issue is, we have so many templates and possible answers that we were looking more into a visual representation / quick overview and search of many topics and messages so we can find the right template. A sort of flowchart would be epic.
Something like a text expander combined with a visual database of templates would be our perfect find.

That’s actually it! It seems if the IMG source is external, then the images paste well into the email. Thank you for your suggestions guys, it seems we are getting somewhere!


Not sure what email service or client are you using.

I use outlook desktop client which allows you to save .msg files, which I use as templates.
I link those templates to Obsidian note. Then I use obsidian as you suggested, to search and visualize answers I need.

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