Using more space in a tabbed window

I’ve just updated to the latest release with tabs and it is driving me nuts. I have 3 tabs open each with a file. I’m showing one tab, but the text in it is using only the middle ⅓ of the window. How can I make the text area wider? I’m using the default template.

What I’m trying to do

Turn off Settings > Editor > Readable Line Length, or use a CSS snippet to change the line length.

Thanks! After some poking around I found the “readable line length” setting and turned it off. Then I just adjusted the window width to a line length that felt comfortable.
The CSS snippet sounds interesting. I’ve used CSS years ago when building websites, but have forgotten most of what I knew then. How does one apply a CSS snippet to Obsidian?

You make a CSS file containing the change you want, and save it in your vault’s snippets folder (.obsidian/snippets). In the CSS snippets section of Settings > Appearance there’s a button to open the folder. (On iOS/iPadOS you have to use an app like Textastic or a-Shell that can see hidden folders.)

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