Using links in Leaflet plugin

What I’m trying to do

I am using the Leaflet plugin and I want to do as much automation as possible. As such I am trying to use a link in the leaflet that is the same as the file name.
For example, I have

id: nyc
minZoom: 10
maxZoom: 20
defaultZoom: 12
linksTo: [[New York]]
height: 400px
coordinates: [[New York]]

Instead of doing [[New York]] I want to use something like [[]] because the place where I am using that Leaflet map is in a note that has the same name. The coordinates are part of that files/notes properties.

Things I have tried

I have tried these variations but none of them worked. Is this something the plugin needs to support or is this an Obsidian thing?

  • [[]]
  • [[]]
  • {[[]]}
  • {{[[]]}}
  • “{[[]]}”
  • “{{[[]]}}”

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