Using to quickly place notes into my digital notebook

Alas one would need some sort of authentication to do private posts/groups via RSS and none currently exists. Here’s some further details on RSS/Atom feeds: Atom & RSS Feeds for Annotations : Hypothesis

You might try a work around using View and export Hypothesis annotations. is a good option for this. Their API is robust and you can export all your content super easy.

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Did you do any good findings? I myself am ordering a Boox Note Air, and I am also very curious to find out how to work with annotations there. Be it in their own reader app or another app or something web based.

Thought I’d throw this in the mix as well— Readwise will import your notations. I’ve started using Readwise pretty heavily for importing tweets, and realized the other day that it can do hypothesis as well! Readwise has a pretty robust manual export as well as an API.

Another thought, for those who were concerned about privacy… they don’t have a detailed guide, afaict, but you could probably (definitely?) host your own instance of hypothesis! Everything they produce is open-source. The “h” repo is the server code.