Using hotkeys in properties don't work. Any alternatives?


I am on a mac and I have not found a way to make the square brackets for the links easily. so I used the setup for hotkeyes to make links. However that function does not seem to work in the properties metadata fields. Is this a bug? or should it be like this?

Any alterntives for this? How do you guys on mac do square brackets?

It depends on your local keyboard, but in my case for a Norwegian keyboard I get the left square bracket doing Right Alt + 8 and the right square bracket using Right Alt + 9. If I want the curly braces, I add Shift to the mix.

Another tip to locate keyboard combinations on the mac is to hit the input menu in the upper right, and select the Show keyboard viewer. When it displays you can push various modifiers and see how your keyboard changes, and you can locate the correct key combination.

Use this link to show the keyboard viewer if the above paragraph didn’t work for you: Use the Keyboard Viewer on Mac - Apple Support
It should then provide guidance in your current locale.

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Please see this feature request where I’ve added a temporary solution: Properties: Allow hotkey for "Add internal link" to function in properties