Using dataview and filter to find instances of FIELD in daily notes

Things I have tried

I have tried creating a table as follows:

Table  Subject from "Daily" and [[]]
sort file.mtime asc

however when I have multiple 'Subjects::" in a single daily file, this reports back all of the other subjects found, not just the relevant ones.

File |-------------| Subject
2022-08-01 |----| Meeting 1 with [[My Project]]
|-----------------| unrelated meeting on [[Other Project]]
2022-08-03 |----| Meeting ABC with [[My Project]]

I modified this as follows:

TABLE filter(Subject, (x) => contains(x, "Project_Name")) AS Subject
FROM "Daily"
WHERE contains(Subject, "Project_Name")
SORT file.mtime asc

And this almost works, however it only shows results for daily notes that had multiple “Subjects::” within them. I.e. results for a daily note that had only one meeting (and which meets my filter criteria) are excluded for some reason.

File |-------------| Subject
2022-08-01 |----| Meeting 1 with [[My Project]]

But the above is missing one of the notes that should be captured.

What I’m trying to do

Within a project note [[My Project]] I want a summary table of all meetings I have had for that project. The meeting notes are taken in my daily notes with a field ‘Subject’ often along the lines of Subject:: Phone Call with X on [[My Project|Proj Short Name]]

I solved this thanks to this bizarre setup found Here!

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