Using Calendar, DayPlanner and Daily Notes Together


I currently am using an excellent product called NotePlan3 which has many of the same features and functions that Obsidian has. I am attempting to replicate it’s functions and have been successful in most cases, except for the fact that I can’t get a view of my appointments. My company uses MS 365 (Exchange) for email and calendaring, and NotePlan3 has the capability to pull in appointments and block them in a view similar to that of Day Planner.

I haven’t seen any Obsidian plugin that will read Exchange events but I think I’ve seen a Google calendar plugin…so I could set up an Exchange Calendar in there and perhaps pass that through (unknown at this point).

However, more pressing is the fact that I’ve been unable to get Daily Notes, Calendar and Day Planner to work together. I seem to have Calendar and Daily Notes working just fine, but when I go to install Day Planner, I have followed what many users suggest, but the plugin, for some reason, won’t add a planner to a page using the CMD-P.

I wonder if anyone has managed to enable the Calendar, Daily Notes and Day Planner together? Better, would be if you have been able to see your “daily schedule” from a calendar… preferably in the right sidebar under the Calendar plug in.

Thanks for any consideration and ideas.

Korky Kathman

What I’m trying to do

I have since found out that the Day Planner plugin is out of compliance and no longer is being supported. It apparently stopped working as of Obsidian 0.14. I have 0.15 and it’s not working. Would be nice if Obsidian would remove the plugin from the Community Plugins since it hasn’t been updated in a year and is now broken.

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