Using backspace on text deletes the link in that piece of text

Hello, I’m pretty new to Obsidian and immediately intimidated for posting here. I’ve just been fighting obsidian and getting really frustrated with its behavior and I have no idea whose fault it is or why it is happening.

What I’m trying to do

I’m writing my blogpost and that all I’m trying to do here. Simple text editing.
However when I try to backspace on a piece of text so that it is on a previous line, my links get deleted?!
So I’ll just have a sentence and somewhere in that sentence I have a link as [text](url).
It will then transform it to text.

Things I have tried

I don’t even know what to try. I’m just trying to backspace… I don’t understand why Obsidian would then randomly delete something…

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. The first thing to nail down is whether this is a problem with Obsidian or with a plugin.

  1. Are you using any community plugins?
    1. If you are, does disabling them solve your issue?
  2. Can you reproduce the behavior in the Sandbox vault?

After you’ve hit backspace and [text](url) becomes text, if you then forward arrow back to text, does it change back to [text](url)?

In Obsidian there are three editor views/modes:

  • editing (Source mode) → you see the raw markdown
  • editing (Live Preview mode) → a hybrid view that tries to give you a WYSIWYG experience by hiding Markdown if your cursor isn’t over it; this the default editing view
  • reading (Reading view) → the rendered HTML

If Settings → Editor → Editor status is toggled ON, you’ll see this at the lower right of your Obsidian window, and you can change views here:

No matter where you cursor is, if you switch to Source mode, are your links still there?

You can also change views from the three dots menu in notes:

Or this icon to switch between editing (source/live preview) or reading view:

Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 4.32.09

There’s also a command, cmd/ctrl+p -> Toggle Live Preview/source modes. The default hotkey, cmd/ctrl+m, toggles between editing and reaving views.

I could be wrong, but I’m thinking you may not be familiar with how the the hybrid, live preview, editing mode works. Let’s hope it’s only that. :crossed_fingers:

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