Using ".asset" as attachment folder doesn't work

Steps to reproduce

I want to set the default folder for my attachments to “.assets” (in subfolder under current folder) Because I discovered folder with name like this won’t show up in the Obsidian’s file explorer,which is just what I want. But Obsidian doesn’t seem to recognize this name, instead, it stores all the images in the root folder of the vault.

Expected result

All the assets are stored in “./currentFolder/.assets”, the folder name ".assets“ is hidder in file explorer.

Actual result

The subfolder “.assets” was correctly created, but images were stored in the root folder of the vault


  • Operating system:
    WIn 10
  • Obsidian version:

Additional information

Not a bug but a design decision. . folders are hidden in most OSes and we standardize across OSes.

Lonely Sheep:
Like you I would also want to keep my assets hidden, yet associated with my markdown.

If others find this “bug” problematic, we should introduce a feature request to have Obsidian achieve OS uniformity by embracing the “dot means hidden” semantics across all OS.

then we would have our cake and eat it too…

it’s already uniform. Obsidian ignores .folder in all OSes.

I use a css snippet to solve this problem, (as using hidden folders or those starting with . doesn’t work) This is what I use in the snippet simply change “Files” for the folder you want to remain hidden from Obsidian’s file explorer:

div[data-path$='Files'] + div.nav-folder-children
    display: none;

I hope this helps :slight_smile: