Using ".asset" as attachment folder doesn't work

Steps to reproduce

I want to set the default folder for my attachments to “.assets” (in subfolder under current folder) Because I discovered folder with name like this won’t show up in the Obsidian’s file explorer,which is just what I want. But Obsidian doesn’t seem to recognize this name, instead, it stores all the images in the root folder of the vault.

Expected result

All the assets are stored in “./currentFolder/.assets”, the folder name ".assets“ is hidder in file explorer.

Actual result

The subfolder “.assets” was correctly created, but images were stored in the root folder of the vault


  • Operating system:
    WIn 10
  • Obsidian version:

Additional information

Not a bug but a design decision. . folders are hidden in most OSes and we standardize across OSes.

Lonely Sheep:
Like you I would also want to keep my assets hidden, yet associated with my markdown.

If others find this “bug” problematic, we should introduce a feature request to have Obsidian achieve OS uniformity by embracing the “dot means hidden” semantics across all OS.

then we would have our cake and eat it too…

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it’s already uniform. Obsidian ignores .folder in all OSes.

I use a css snippet to solve this problem, (as using hidden folders or those starting with . doesn’t work) This is what I use in the snippet simply change “Files” for the folder you want to remain hidden from Obsidian’s file explorer:

div[data-path$='Files'] + div.nav-folder-children
    display: none;

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate, why it is so?
It kinda makes sense to have a hidden dot folder with note assets in the same folder, at least on MacOS and Linux

This is the feature I really crave :slight_smile: Migrated from Typora to Obsidian and really happy, but the only thing I miss is this hidden attachment folders support.

Thanks in advance!