Using a Right-to-Left Language with Obisidian

Hi, so I have NOT downloaded obsidian yet, and trying to figure out if it’s for me.

I write both in Hebrew (which is a Right-to-Left language) and English. Sometimes I literally write a sentence which is half hebrew half english.
Was wondering how compatible obisidian is with this… because I need this to be pretty smooth, and also to know that features could be compatible with half-hebrew half-english. Note: I do not need a hebrew menu.

תודה לעוזרים :slight_smile:
(Thank you to the helpers)

I think it will work OK with one caveat, here is a paste from Obsidian with a mix of English and Urdu:

In my case I could not figure out mix them on the same line and at the same time use custom styling for the Urdu (needed a different font). Even if you put it inside HTML tags like <div class="urdu">ہوٹل</div>, Obsidian will “eat” the tags (they disappear in the the Developer Tools – Ctrl-Shift-I or Cmd-Shift-I) so you cannot apply a custom CSS snippet to it. However there are a lot of knowledgeable people here that might could have provided a workaround, but at the time I only asked on Reddit, not here, and basically gave up on having them in the same line.

But if you don’t need custom styling for the Hebrew, I don’t think there is any issue.

My example above should have used span instead of div, but I can’t edit the post after 15 minutes (maybe that’s an Insider perk or maybe I will get that after 100 posts hmmm).

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