Users folder created in my Vault

Hi, I am new to Obsidian. Would anyone be able to explain why I am seeing a “Users/myusername/Documents” path inside the Vault I created in Obsidian? Is this expected? I don’t think I created this. If this happens in every new vault, do you know what is the reason for this? Many thanks!

When you create a new vault, you’re asked what it should be called and where to put it in the file system. That’s usually no issue.

If you choose Open folder as vault (to open an existing folder as a vault), it’s possible you picked /Users/USERNAME/Documents as the vault root folder instead of /Users/USERNAME/Documents/VAULTNAME. That has happened before.

Thanks for your input on this. I really don’t know what happened. I have just deleted “Users/myusername/Documents” from my Vault since I don’t use it, hope that’s fine. Thanks again!

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