User reviews of community plug ins

Use case or problem

I’ve installed a couple of plug-ins recently that proved to be problematic.
When I subsequently checked the “Issues” for them on Github it appeared the bug had already been reported, but the plug-ins haven’t been updated for a while.
I have since then uninstalled the plug-ins.

Proposed solution

Consider creating a review feature or star-rating that will guide decison-making in selecting plug-ins (similar to the way plug-ins are rated in Wordpress?).

Current workaround (optional)

None, just trial and error. It gets quite annoying when a numbering feature runs riot on your document and you have to waste a lot of time repairing it.

Related feature requests (optional)


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As a workaround: Personally, I use git as version control. So I can always commit a snapshot before installing a new plugin, and roll back if I have to.

The warnings are clear when you enable community plugins. Whether this feature was ever implemented or not, you should still A) have good backups, B) consider using version control software, C) check the project page of the plugin before installing.

There is also a LOT of discussion on the topic here. Security of the plugins