Use 'Search current file' in Preview mode [IMPLEMENTED]

Currently CTRL/Cmd+F only works in Edit mode, but not in Preview mode. It is very cumbersome when one has to switch from Preview to Edit to be able to search within the file.


I am still quite new to Obsidian and I would LOVE to see a search-within-document feature. So When I saw your comment I was confused.

Am I missing something here? When I hit CTRL/Cmd+F It changes the window to a full-screen view. I see no option for searching within a document.

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@dlordmills Just checking if you misread, perhaps? When Klaas says CTRL/Cmd+F, it means Ctrl+F OR Cmd+F. Not Ctrl+Cmd+F.

Ctrl+Cmd+F is fullscreen.

on MacOS, Cmd+F and I assume on Windows it is Ctrl+F makes a little search text field for searching within your document. But it seems that this only works in Edit Mode, not in Preview Mode.

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I think it’s more helpful to describe commands, not hotkeys because hotkeys are customizable and different depending on operating system. The command being referenced in this feature request is Search current file.

I like this feature request. Another approach could be to have a global search operator for the active note.

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The search option within a document is only available in Edit mode, and the standard hotkey combination is preset: Cmd+F/CTRL+F.

See also the replies by @rigmarole and @sam.baron.

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What would distinguish “global search operator for the active note” from Search current file? I would have assumed “global” meant searching everywhere, but what did you mean?

If by “global” you mean it should work both in Edit or Preview mode, or any future modes that might exist, I agree.

I mean using the Search in all files global search pane. Using global search would offer using the new advanced search syntax whereas Search current file is just a basic fuzzy search I believe.

So an example might be: active-note:("this thing" OR "that thing")

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  1. If I am not mistaken we already have that option with the hotkey Search in all files.
  2. That does not address the issue I raised in the feature request.

Maybe I misunderstand your point, @sam.baron, and if I do please set me right.

Ah yes, I see what you mean. That could be especially powerful, searching in all active panes, for example.

But yes, this does sound like a completely different feature, worth another thread. This thread is simply about the fact that Search current file does not work in Preview Mode.

I came here to make this exact feature request and found this thread at the top. Yes, please! When I am reading, reviewing, and using my notes they are always in preview mode because they look nice that way! :slight_smile: And this is when I need search the most! The only time I am in edit mode is when I am… editing!

Thank you!


Absolutely, this is a different request :+1:t3:

@rigmarole Thank you for your help! Actually, feeling a bit embarrassed here. I do understand the Ctrl OR Cmd function but for some reason I must have experienced a brain freeze. Now, after reading your comment I have found the in-document search function. Thank you!

And I also confirmed that using Ctrl + Cmd + F will take you to full screen viewing.

Now I wonder when/if this search function will evolve into a find and replace feature!

@dlordmills It exists already. Cmd-H or the command pallete “Search & replace in current file”.

You can also do it with command mode : if you use Vim Mode. %s/searchPattern/replacePattern/g

Yes, I often try to find something in a note and wonder why [ctrl] + [f] doesn’t work. Oh yeah, change to edit mode, find (or find+replace), change back to preview mode and hopefully I find the thing I was looking for.

I’m really hoping for a “Find in current preview” function :smile:

I am unable to find a keyword in preview mode. I have to go to editor mode and search for it.


when in preview mode, I’d also like Ctrl+F to be able to launch a search, it only works in edit mode as far as I can tell. (I’m on v0.8.0)

And by the way congratulations to the dev team. You’re the only KB on the market that doesn’t lag. (only trying the desktop version for now)


Not having this feature feels like an oversight.


If you have this, then it would also be possible to go to a specific search hit in preview mode from global search (which is something that already works perfectly in edit mode).


Searching in the preview mode will be very convenient.

I’ve been wanting for this as well.