Use of aliases in tables

Using internal links with aliases in a table will break the table rendering because the “|” defining the alias will be interpreted as “next cell”.

column 1 column 2 column 3
[[link alias]] text

Is there a way to make the “|” divider in internal links compatible with the “|” divider in tables?

You have to escape it with \. So [title\|alias]

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Indeed it works. So simple that it didn’t come to my mind :laughing:
Thank you

To me this feels like a bug. Obsidian could check that if there is [[ open when a | character appears in a table, the | character should be considered to relate to the [[ link element, and not to the table structure.

Escaping the | character seems like a workaround to me, not an actual solution :slight_smile:. (But good that at least a workaround exists already).

These are just my opinions.

Block level elements take precedence over span elements, so table syntax is correctly processed before links.