Use H1 or YAML property "title" instead of or in addition to filename as display name

Show [first header found in a file] next-to an ID-only-filename

Add options to show [first header found in a file] [next-to or instead-of] a filename:

  • In top bars above the page, or in vertical bars in Andy Matuschak mode (plugin).
  • In File Explorer
  • In Graph View
  • list of ‟Starred” files

Position of the header might be limited to first line if unrestricted search for header in large files is infeasible.

Allow naming files using only concise permanent ID,
while seeing (showing to user) up-to-date human readable description in all appropriate places.

consequences of not having titles in filename:

  • Edit filename any time using any software (not only Obsidian) without breaking links.
  • Avoid need to change all links when title is changed and therefore reduce number of versions created by automatic backup systems.
  • Eliminate risk of exceeded maximum length of a pathname in some file systems.
  • Title can contain characters not permitted in filename, including forward slash.
  • Make markdown more concise/readable by using [[ID|note title]] instead of [[ID note title|note title]].

keywords: addressing, ID, zettelkasten

I found, it was already requested in Use H1 or front-matter title instead of or in addition to filename as display name
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