Use global search for link autocomplete

I am struggling with the limitations of link auto-complete, especially as my vault grows. With many notes, I am getting lag as I type. I would like it if we could use global search with link auto-complete.

When I am linking notes, I have some idea of what I am looking for, and it would be helpful to narrow down (by tag, folder, etc.).


Doubling-down on this request now that we have the new search features in 0.8.0

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This is a great suggestion. For example, typing #xyz could dramatically reduce the scope of link suggestions. This would be especially helpful if link suggestions could search by content instead of only by file name, as suggested here

I definitely agree, but not only to avoid any sort of lag, which has not bothered me or really happened. In fact a little lag makes me know (or at least think) magic things are happening.

When you have put a lot of effort into tagging, any additional avenues to take advantage of them to dive specifically into a certain topic region, even (or especially) when unsure exactly what you are looking for, would be helpful, if you ask me.