Use aliases with Templater suggester

Using Templater, I have a standard file suggester. This works fine, but I would like to include aliases in the list in the same manner as Quick Switcher, then be able to insert the link in my created file.

Example, choose a file named Books with an alias of “Reading”… if I chose Reading from the suggester, then insert it into the file that Templater creates as [[Books|Reading]]. I’ve attempted to use tp.frontmatter with no success.

Current standard file picker code:

const file = (await tp.system.suggester((item) => item.basename, app.vault.getMarkdownFiles(), true, "Enter File")).basename

Any suggestions appreciated.


Using parts of the code listed in previous post, I built the following template:

// Get the destination file
const allFiles = await app.vault.getMarkdownFiles()
// .slice(0, 10) // Uncomment for test purposes of a smaller file set

const alternatives = []

function pushAlternative(path, basename, alias) {
  alternatives.push({ path: path, basename: basename, alias: alias})
} => {
  const fileCache = app.metadataCache.getFileCache(file);
  // Push non-aliased alternative
  file.alias = file.basename
  pushAlternative(file.path, file.basename, file.alias)
  // Use the following to check for existence, and type of alias
  const aliasType = typeof(fileCache.frontmatter?.aliases)
  if (aliasType == "string") {
    // Single alias
    file.alias = fileCache.frontmatter.aliases
    pushAlternative(file.path, file.basename, file.alias)
  } else if (aliasType == "object" && file.frontmatter?.aliases.length ) {
    // Multiple aliases
    for (const alias of fileCache.frontmatter.aliases ) {
      file.alias = alias
      pushAlternative(file.path, file.basename, file.alias)

const destination = await tp.system.suggester(
  item => item.basename + 
         (item.alias != item.basename ? `\n↳ ${ item.alias }` : ""),
  "Enter file",

if (destination)
  tR += `[[${ destination.path } | ${ destination.alias }]]`

As a sample image, I searched for “newa” in my test vault, and got this result:

As we can see in the image both the fuzzy matching, and the aliases works. (See files “221231 - New years eve” and “New file 1 → new alias”).

And choosing the latter of those it produces the link [[tmp/new file | new alias]]. Hope this helps!

( Now I just need to figure out how to create a new file link based upon this without having to trigger another tp.system.prompt() or similar, as I then can use this template to locate or create new forum response notes. :smiley: )

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Works great, thanks!

Typed in an alias (to be an exact match): was not found.

  • What’s with the pair of whitespaces there, may I ask?

I’ve not considered any issues with spaces. Yet…

But what didn’t work in your case?

Well, even if I allow larger than 10 results, my aliases that worked in the original script are not offered for insertion. Simple one-string aliases, btw.

No, I meant tR += `[[${ destination.path }|${ destination.alias }]].

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