Use alias to create internal links in Mermaid nodes and edges

Use case or problem

Even though we can make each node in Mermaid Diagrams an internal link to our note since 0.9.21, we could only use the name of our notes directly as the name of the node in Mermaid. However, since I adopted the Zettelkestan systems in my vault and named each note with the timestamp of its creation (such as “2021010711487”), it makes no sense unless I can use the alias of my notes when I create internal links in Mermaid.

In addition, as I was organizing my notes, I found it is gonna be a very useful feature if we could link the text on an edge in Mermaid to a note in the vault too. For example, in a graph representing how to make carboxylic acids from other functional groups, each nodes can represent a distinct functional group and link to its description, while each text on the edge can represent a method and link to its specific procedure and protocols.

Proposed solution

  1. Use alias when creating internal links in Mermaid
  2. Create internal links on both Mermaid nodes and texts on edges.

Current workaround

I currently didn’t find any workaround to my problem.

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