Usability request: Allow for dragging of note icon to create link

It would be great if dragging of a note’s icon into the editing space of another would create a wiki-link to the first note in the second one.
Scenario: Have five sliding panes open and wish to create a MoC note: Just drag and drop the icons of the five stacked notes into the one open to create wiki-links to all the stacked notes.


Speaking of usability, I agree with Whitenoise on renaming your titles to be descriptive.

I like the idea.

An alternative that could be nice: There is already a command to copy the Obsidian url. It would be nice if there was a command to copy the Wiki-style link. Then you could just run a hotkey to have the link in your clipboard. And paste into your next note. Even if it wasn’t open at the time (like sliding panes, or however) or you only had a single pane open.

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@rigmarole. Thanks for pointing out. Re-titled the request.

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Good idea!

Similarly, here is a request for a parallel yet separate functionality that would allow for the dragging of a note into a folder in order to move it: Move file via drag and drop pane title to folder

I really hope your request gets seen. I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t want it as long as it didn’t hinder pane rearrangement or potentially a future where similar dragging might initiate a tabbed pane interface.