URL extract & Footnotes / html internal references

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I am using the function “Extract url content: Extract” a lot in order to get web content into Obsidian.

One problem I found is: The content is extracted but does not follow any references inside the document such as footnotes. The content of these foototes will simply be put where the footnote itself is referencing where the note is stored in the original web content. In order to see what I mean:

  1. copy this link to new note: Why books donʼt work | Andy Matuschak
  2. Use “Extract url content: Extract” on the link itself
  3. See what happens to the footnote content

Does anyone have a solution for this?
What I tried apart from that:
The Firefox Markdownload Extension. It produces the same problem.

Thanks for your patience and - hopefully - helpful solution. It is a damn pain to create all these footnotes and copy/paste the content.

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Just an addition: The link above has footnotes externally stored, they pop up. But the result is the same here:

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