URL encode the {{title}} template value?

What I’m trying to do

I want to create a “Person” template that automatically generates a clickable link that will open the person’s contact card in the app Cardhop.

To do this, I include the following in the Person template:

[Contact Card](x-cardhop://show?contact={{title}})

Where the title of the note will be the person’s name. BUT, because the title is usually two words, e.g. “John Smith”, the URL stops at the space (only grabbing “John”) and Cardhop fails to find the specific John I was looking for.

To avoid this, I need to percent-encode the space so that John Smith becomes John%20Smith. Is there any way to force the {{title}} token to URL-encode its contents?

Things I have tried

Interesting issue
Maybe a hyphen could do the trick, at least you have not to add ugly url encoding

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