URI command for new notes in a specific folder?


I’m looking for a URI command enabling me to create a new note in a specific subfolder of my vault, while keeping the Obsidian setting for “Same folder as current file”.

Use case:

  • I use this URI for my Keyboard Maestro shortcut for quick entry (I call it whenever I get the new idea), and want it to save it in a specific subfolder, eg. “! inbox”)…
  • … but when I work on a specific project, I want “Cmd+N” to create a new note in my active (project) folder.

I’ve tried “path” parameter but it didn’t work.

Many thanks for help :slight_smile:

Solved :slight_smile:

I simply created a new “! inbox” vault under my main vault, and use URI with “vault” param pointing to this specific vault (which is a subfolder under the main one).