Uploading pdf's and videos via sync

If I add a pdf file or an mp3 video file to my vault in Obsidian everything works perfectly. However, when I sync my notes to your site, pdf files and mp3 files don’t show up. In order for me to see them, I have to create a note and then link each pdf into the note and then you can click to read the pdf’s.

It would seem like it should work the same as obsidian where the left menu shows the pdf file and when clicking on it, it opens or gives option to download.

Bug reports need the bug report template filled in and included with your post. The more information the better. Thanks.

Just to be clear, are you talking about an Obsidian Publish site? Syncing to another device using Obsidian Sync? Or another sync service?

make sure you have enabled syncing of pdfs and videos in each device. Also files larger than 100MB won’t sync.

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