Updating a Community Plugin crashed my Workspace ? What do?


I wondered why obviously the Markdown Attributes community plugin doesn’t work and when I opened it in the settings menu the menu did not show an “options” button but instead an “update” button. I haven’t saved my workspace or anything (I am still quite new and wouldn’t know how to do it properly). So there was the notice that it would “now update plugin markdown attributes” or omething in the top right corner but obviously there were problems, nothing happened, Obsidian didnt respond to any input so I had to kill the process. Now when starting it keeps stuck at “Loading Workspace.”

So first: What could have went wrong while updating the community plugin and
Second: What can I do now to repair it as I can’t restore a backup of my workspace.


I got Obsidian to start by removing the entry “markdown-attributes,” from the json array in Obsidian/vaults/001/Obsidian 22 001/.obsidian/community-plugins.json.

But still: What do I do when a plugin-update gets stuck ? Does obsidian write any error logs?

Bug reports have a specific template, and don’t support community plugins. I’ve moved this to help.

You can sometimes find errors logged in the developer console. ctrl-shift-i on Windows.

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